1 Sep 2015

Creativity and the Autistic Mindset

Creativity and the Autistic Mindset

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The term neurotypical refers to our society’s notion that some people are "normal" while others are not. Although research has shown that there are virtually no differences in brain anatomy between people with autism and those who are considered neurotypical, many geniuses have reached their fullest potential by applying the talents of the autistic mind-style.

 “Absentminded,” “head in the clouds,” “distant,” “childish,” and “single-minded” are terms often associated with the negative social personality traits commonly found in individuals with autism.  Coincidentally, these words are also fitting descriptions of some of history’s most celebrated inventors, leaders, and thinkers.

In Genius Genes: How Asperger Talents Changed the World, Michael Fitzgerald and Brenden O’Brien use  documented biographical evidence related to the minds and behaviors of 21 historical figures, including Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, H. G. Wells, and Thomas Jefferson,  to “diagnose” them with ASD with varying degrees of certainty. Underlining their ideas is the importance of perceiving ASD as a complex condition allowing of a diverse range of possibilities and potentialities rather than an unambiguous blight on individuals and families. 


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2 comments on article "Creativity and the Autistic Mindset"


9/1/2015 5:35 PM

Whilst people with Aspergers are clearly creative and have changed the world in so many positive ways they often rely on others to support them in the day to day requirements to allow this to occur. They rely on the very people who they cannot have relationships with because of their AS.

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