17 Feb 2015

An Attempt to Write

An Attempt to Write

Author: Julie Brusio  /  Categories: Parenting , Julie's Blogs  /  Rate this article:

This is my third attempt to write a blog. This is my third attempt to get it right. What makes my story better than your story? Is my journey any more difficult than yours? I doubt it on both accounts. Here’s what I know. For better or for worse, I’ve been on this autism journey for twelve years and I’ve run the gamut of trials and tribulations and emotional highs and lows. I’ve learned more than I could’ve imagined when I first set foot into the Autism arena. If I put the most important things I’ve learned on a list, this is what the rough draft might look like:

10) Some days suck and other days are amazing.

9) Hard is hard is hard. What is hard for Debbie is easy for Joey. What is easy for me is hard for Vince. Everyone has “hard.”

8) Sensory overload is a force not to be reckoned with. When your kiddo has had enough, it is time to leave the premises!

7) Debbie, for all of her communication deficits, knows how to manipulate both Mom and Dad, but especially Dad!

6) Guilt is something I deal with every day. I shove it aside and forge ahead!

5) There is no shame in using medicine to help with sleep and moods. Our lives have become much more productive and happier because of meds.

4) Inclusion worked for Debbie until it did not work for her. She is thriving in a more self-contained environment and I’m good with that.

3) Little things in life call for huge celebrations!

2) I can take on anyone and go to any lengths necessary to ensure Debbie’s success and happiness. Go ahead and push my Momma Bear button…I dare you!!

And the number one thing I have learned so far as an autism mom is…drum roll please…

1) Everything, including vegetables, tastes better when you dip it in Ketchup!

What would your list look like? What would you include? Let’s connect!

xoxoxo ~ Julie


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Julie Brusio

Julie Brusio Julie Brusio

“Autism is full of ups and downs and because of it I have more patience than I used to and can appreciate the "little" things in life.”

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