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  1. Cast Your Own Spell for an Autism-Friendly Halloween

    Cast Your Own Spell for an Autism-Friendly Halloween

    By Elizabeth Sautter

    Halloween frights can go way beyond the thrill of ghosts and goblins. Fun can quickly become a real fear for some children, even though they’ve been told repeatedly that the scary witches and bloody masks are pretend. 

    For some kids with autism, any costume creates confusion and anxiety about what’s real and what isn’t. Others become giddy from all the excitement and sugar, then struggle to calm themselves down. Halloween typically comes with plenty of hype and build-up can be stressful and distracting for weeks in advance.

    This Halloween, take some steps to reduce the overwhelming experiences. At the same time, you ca

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  2. Good Neighbors: Teach Your Child to be a Part of the Community

    Good Neighbors: Teach your child to be a part of the community

    By Elizabeth Sautter

    Wherever you live, neighbors are important. These are the people you’ll see day after day, and the
    people you’ll likely turn to when you need a cup of milk or your car won’t start. Developing friendly
    relationships with neighbors and teaching your children to do the same will build community on
    your block and help your child develop a sense of responsibility for others. Here are some ideas for
    teaching your child to be a thoughtful and helpful neighbor:

    1. Be a Role Model: When you stop to greet a neighbor and take the time to ask how they’ve
    been, your child will learn to do the same. Likewise, when you offer to feed

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