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What Does Happy Look Like?

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What Does Happy Look Like?

Emotions are often hard things for children to describe.  They can experience them but sometimes can’t say why. The intention of this book is to allow those who think visually to correlate colors and situations with the emotions they feel.  

While reading through the book and looking at each illustration, ask your child what they are feeling.  Have them describe the picture to you, with as much detail they can muster, to help secure the understanding into their beautiful minds.

The activities that follow the story are there to help your child recognize feelings with situations as well as facial expressions.  

So find a quiet place where you and your child can be together and share this experience.


Joseph Karim
is an engineer, but his hobbies are art and music.

Silvana Gallo Karim, his wife, has been an educator for children with special needs, including autism, and has also taught art and music. Joe and Silvana are the parents of three sons, the two youngest of whom have autism. In this book they combine their personal and professional experiences with their artistic talents to bring the world of feelings to life for young readers.

ISBN: 9781934575543

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 13 2016
Customer Review: Gabasa - A very touching look at what "happy" is through the eyes of a special child!
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