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This book bundle is perfect for any new or experienced parent of a child with autism spectrum or related disorders. 

This bundle includes:

Plausible Answers to the Question: "Why Do They Do That?" is a hands-on reference for parents, other caregivers, and teachers that takes a unique approach to children's behaviors that often dismay and puzzle adults. Using a practical and reader-friendly format, the book presents the following: Each behavior, such as crying, on a two-page spread; Clear and easy-to-read sections such as: Question & Plausible Answers (does it stem from social, sensory, communication issues), Basic Training (suggestions for what to do), Over and Above (further ideas, who to consult in serious cases, etc.), Red Flags (first signs that the behavior needs attention), What's Next (possible followup). Applicable to children up to five years old. Illustrated by Katie Barton.


TIPS: Teaching Important Parenting Strategies: Raising a Child With Limited Verbal Skills is an excellent resource for anyone raising a young child with limited communication skills and/or challenging behaviors. Based on questions and answers that parents and caregivers have asked the authors throughout the years, TIPS may be read in its entirety, or readers can skip around among individual questions and answers. Regardless, the book can be used as a reference for finding practical, user-friendly solutions to common universal challenges encountered by parents and caregivers, including communication, behavior, technology, community outings, and sensory needs. All answers follow best practice and evidence-based strategies.


Make Social Learning Stick! offers a social learning diet of concepts and actions that can be used in everyday life to increase verbal and nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding of hidden rules, perspective taking, executive functioning, and more. The activities are recipes for social and emotional learning for which parents, teachers, and therapists typically already have the ingredients. With close to 200 fun and easy activities, including contributions from leading experts, this book offers numerous ways to embrace teachable moments throughout daily routines without having to do extra work! Events like getting ready for school, preparing dinner, going to the doctor, and celebrating Thanksgiving become opportunities for teaching and reinforcing expected social behavior for those with autism spectrum disorder. Geared toward children in preschool through elementary school, the ideas are meant to inspire creativity that suites each specific child. Activities can be easily tailored to meet a child's developmental level, needs, or challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for coping with autism spectrum disorder. However, this book has an approach for everyone.



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