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My Strange and Terrible Malady

Ronita "Ronnie" Baker, 11th-grade individualist, is not happy. School is a struggle, and now doctors just diagnosed her with Asperger Syndrome. It's hard enough being the misfit daughter of a perfect mother, let alone being diagnosed with a disorder no one understands. My Strange and Terrible Malady takes a look at Asperger Syndrome from Ronnie's point of view. While she is clearly not socially savvy, things begin to change when she meets Hannah, a fellow student who takes the time to explain the mysteries of social interaction and other conundrums of daily life to Ronnie. With the help of Hannah and her new life coach, Ronnie shows readers that successful social and emotional interaction can be learned.


Catherine Bristow was born in Rochester, New York, but has lived in Philadelphia for most of her life. As a student at University of Pennsylvania, she became interested in writing fiction and has published short stories and several critical essays on Jane Austen. This is her first book-length project. Ms. Bristow became interested in Asperger Syndrome after several close friends and members of her family were diagnosed. Ms. Bristow has Tourette Syndrome, which was successfully diagnosed and treated ten years ago.

ISBN: 9781934575192

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Catherine Contillo - I started reading this book about two weeks ago and I am so close to the end. The book is funny at parts which is great to read and giggle, but so true how she feels and how she thinks. I have Aspergers, and I didn't go through those exact situations but I relate to the main character, the story and the situations she's in. I think it's a great book that I would recommend to teens and young adults with Aspergers, parents, or whoever else is interested in Aspergers or even wanting to just read a great book. Definitely is in my top 5 favorite books.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Joanna Keating-Velasco - I just received this book and couldn't put it down. What a wonderful teen novel! The main character is Ronita Baker, a teen who just received her diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. Hannah, the new girl in class meets her and slowly becomes a wonderful mentor and friend. A life coach also helps Ronita navigate through the tricky social world...one comment she makes is "you have to know the rules before you make the rules." This book is a wonderful and entertaining tool for educating peers about Asperger Syndrome and opening their hearts and minds to those who might hear a different drummer. Also, it's a great book for those on the autism spectrum to have a character with whom they can identify. Author, Catherine Bristow, helps us understand a unique perspective of the teen with Asperger Syndrome and shows us how one can grow by adapting to their environment and also having their environment adapt to them. I highly recommend this to teachers of middle school and high school as well as for families of individuals with Asperger Syndrome. It's a fun story, with a good message and a variety of characters. Kudos to Catherine!
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