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More Than Little Professors

Children With Asperger Syndrome: In Their Own Words

Eric Hoffer Award Winner!

International Book Award!

There are countless books with information about children with Asperger Syndrome, but very few offer a personal look into the inner lives of these children. In this unique collection of children's essays, poems and discussions recounted by parents, readers have a rare opportunity to gain insight into the world of children with Asperger Syndrome. Instead of being talked about, children here have the opportunity to share their world - their passions and fears, their awesome sense of wonder and quirky sense of humor, their distinguishing talents and much more. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD.


Lisa Barrett Mann, MSEd, is a consultant specializing in cognitive-behavioral interventions for children and adolescents with Asperger Syndrome or similar disorders. Lisa has a bachelor's degree in psychology from University of Maryland, graduate training in clinical psychology from Virginia Tech, and a master's degree in special education/autism and Asperger Syndrome from the University of Kansas. She and her family live in Overland Park, Kansas, where her consulting practice is also based. Formerly a publishing executive and an award-winning healthcare writer for the Washington Post, Lisa made a mid-life career change after her son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

ISBN: 9781934575253

Reviews (5)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - This book peaks into the workings of an Asperger mind from very early ages to adolescents who have experienced life living with this condition. My daughter was a contributor and it was like a breath of fresh air to read it for the first time. After living a life full of misunderstandings this book allowed my daughter to express her true self without ridicule. She was blown away by how much she related to "that way of thinking" by the other contributors. It would make a nice gift for relatives and friends of an Asperger child because it will give them a personal perspective into the very individual Asperger world.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: C. Levine - This book is chock full of stories, poems, essays and drawings by children with Asperger's which entertained and inspired me
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Lindsay Ake - More Than Little Proffessors is an awesome book! I felt like I was reading one of those Chicken Soup for the ____ soul books, where I'm reading short stories that are easy to read, put a smile on my face and leave me feeling good the rest of the day. Plus, with my son having Aspergers, I could relate to most of them and it made me laugh. Love this book!
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