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Jay Grows an Alien

Jay, a young boy with Asperger Syndrome, often feels out of place in the world around him, but doesn't know why. He doesn't understand why people call him names like "space cadet" and "asp-booger." He has looked up "asp" in the dictionary to help find the answer to his wonderings, but knows he is not a "small poisonous snake from Egypt." But what is he then? Caroline Levine's short novel follows Jay at school and home as he ponders these and other questions. In addition to independent reading, the book is great for use by teachers to promote an understanding of differences. Intended for children ages 9 to 14.


Caroline Anne Levine taught kindergarten to sixth grade in self-contained classrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked as a Reading Specialist in Colorado and Maryland. She currently writes for children, takes community college classes, and tutors children with autism. She lives outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband who works at the National Institutes of Health. She and her husband have two daughters, one grown, one in college. They also have two miniature dachshunds, Winnie and Sophie, who keep her company when she writes. Caroline's new book, Jay Grows an Alien, is a short novel that follows Jay, a young boy with autism, as he befriends a cyborg, deals with bullies, and learns that his differences are unique and special. Caroline's interests include reading, taking classes, traveling, and learning everything she can about autism.

ISBN: 9781931282291

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: Sharri Zelson - This book is quite intertwining and also sends a positive message to kids. My children in 2nd and 3rd grade loved this book!
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