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Cabins, Canoes, and Campfires

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Cabins, Canoes, and Campfires
Guidelines for Establishing a Camp for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many children with autism spectrum disorders are not able to thrive in a typical summer camp due to their unique sensory and behavioral needs. Yet, like all other kids, most love the camp experience. To help make this dream become a reality, the author presents step-by-step how to put on a camp that takes into consideration the special needs of children on the autism spectrum. Throughout the focus remains on the adjustments that need to be made to accommodate children on the autism spectrum during the camp experience. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD.


Jill Hudson, MS, CCLS is a certified child life specialist. Trained at John Hopkins, she formerly worked at children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She received her master's degree in autism/Asperger Syndrome from the University of Kansas, She is the author of Prescription for Success: Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Medical Environment and Cabins, Canoes and Campfires: Guidelines for Establishing a Camp for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Jill consults and presents nationally and internationally.

ISBN: 9781931282772

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LENEXA, Kansas
May 27 2016
Customer Review: Kristi A. Sakai - Do you remember how much fun camp was as a kid? I especially loved those evenings when we'd gather around the campfire and sing songs (all the goofy annoying ones we couldn't forget if we tried!), s'mores and late night whispering from our sleeping bags. During the day there were all kinds of games and you'd make new friends that were from different parts of the state or even the country. Remember counting your mosquito bites? As a parent of three children with autism spectrum disorder I've been sad that my kids miss out on so many of the experiences I took almost for granted as a child, and that their peers are enjoying. Frankly, local camps are not properly trained or equipped to take care of my children's needs, my kids just would not be okay under those conditions. I've heard of a few camps for children like mine, but they are rare, far away and expensive. I sort of wrote off camp as yet another thing my kids would miss out on. But reading this book has changed my mind, it has made me feel optimistic and inspired! It lays out in detail everything that someone would need to create a camp for kids with autism spectrum disorders.This author understands what those needs ARE, which are very different from their neurotypical peers. It covers every aspect, things I never would have even thought of, which is so reassuring because it is obviously well thought out and the author has practical experience. I can imagine very clearly how my kids would fit in to the camp environment and how much FUN they'd have. Also, I realize that these places DO exist. Yes, there should be more of them, and I hope that this book will get into the right hands and will light a fire (a campfire!) under someone who can fulfill this dream for children like mine. BUY THIS BOOK and spread the word, let's create more opportunities for kids like ours.
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