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A Rock and a Hard Place

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A Rock and a Hard Place

This gripping novel draws the reader into the heartbreaking dilemma faced by Lucy a mother of three children, the oldest of whom, 9-year-old Hollie, has severe autism. Due to Hollie s erratic and often destructive behaviors, the day-to-day life of the rest of the family is fragmented and chaotic, putting a strain on Lucy s marriage and affecting her younger children. In trying to get the best possible educational services for her daughter, Lucy becomes overwhelmed and exhausted, and as she tries to preserve her family, she finds herself stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Heartbreakingly realistic, engaging the reader with raw emotion, this book is not only great for parents of children on the autism spectrum, but parents of neurotypcial children as well.


Anne Sutcliffe and her husband, Mark, have four children and live just south of London, England. Their second-born, Jenny, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 16 months. Anne traces the beginning of her writing career to her job working at the Hansard, the official report of the daily proceedings of the Houses of Parliament. Anne has written numerous articles on autism that have been published in British magazines and newspapers, such as The Times and the Sunday Express. Her articles have also been published in popular women’s magazines, including Good Housekeeping. A Rock and a Hard Place is Anne’s first full-length novel.

ISBN: 9781931282826

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