The Social Times Volume 3

The Social Times Volume 3

If you were lucky enough to subscribe to the first volume of this wildly popular magazine, we're sure you will agree that there's nothing else out there like it! If you don't have a 2011-2012 subscription, we suggest you download the sample copy on this page to see what you have been missing. 

A powerful supplement to any social skills program, The Social Times is a great resource   for professionals working with students who have social cognitive deficits, grades 3-9.

The Social Times is written directly to students in their "voice." Using standard columns, each new issue offers critical information while still making each lesson entertaining and applicable to the lives and concerns of today's students.

Topics for 2011-2012 include: 

    * Public vs. Private Behavior
    * Perspective Taking
    * Explosive Behavior
    * Problem Solving
    * Friendships
    * Bullying
    * Special Interests
    * Social Rhythm and Timing
    * Self-Regulation

  ***The Social Times Volume 3 NOW AVAILABLE in single subscriptions***

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