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Building Social Relationships - Textbook Edition

by Scott Bellini, PhD

Based on an ASA Award Winner, this textbook addresses the critical need for social skills programming for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and other social difficulties. The book is unique in presenting a comprehensive model that incorporates five fundamental steps: assess social functioning, distinguish between skill acquisition and performance deficits, select intervention strategies, implement intervention, and evaluate and monitor progress. Rather than promoting a single strategy, the model details how to organize and make sense of the myriad social skills programs and resources available.

Price: $75.95   |   Code: 9500   |   ISBN: 978-1934575055


Designing Comprehensive Interventions for High-Functioning Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders; The Ziggurat Model, Release 2.0

by Ruth Aspy, PhD, and Barry Grossman, PhD; foreword by Gary Mesibov

This textbook presents a process and framework for designing interventions for individuals of all ages with ASD while staying consistent with current special education trends, including response to intervention (RTI), evidence-based practices, and positive behavioral supports. "Designing Comprehensive Interventions for High-Functioning Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Ziggurat Model" is newly updated and expanded with the latest research and a new version of the Underlying Characteristics Checklist for Early Intervention (UCC-EI), in addition to UCC-HF and UCC-CL for individuals with higher functioning and classic autism, respectively.

Price: $75.95 | Code: 9502 | ISBN: 978-1934575963


Learners on the Autism Spectrum - Second Edition

edited by Kari Dunn Buron and Pamela Wolfberg; foreword by Carol Gray

The second edition of this highly popular textbook has been updated and expanded with focus on perspectives of evidence-based practice, as well as advancements in the field of ASD. In an effort to help spread autism awareness, this book has highlighted the new directions of research, training, and practice that are essential to enhancing one’s understanding of the ever-changing field. This much-anticipated second edition also includes a new chapter on emotional regulation—highlighting the neuroscience, instruction, visual supports and supports for self-management, amongst other topics in this area. With fresh, new perspectives, educators and caregivers are sure to get the information they need to increase autism awareness.

Price: $85.95 | Code: 9504A | ISBN: 978-1937473945


Quality Literacy Instruction for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

edited by Christina Carnahan, EdD, and Pam Williamson, PhD; foreword by Kathleen Quill, PhD

This textbook brings together experts from both the autism and reading fields to provide a detailed discussion of literacy instruction, thus supporting professionals and families alike in building lifelong literacy instruction geared to the needs of students on the autism spectrum. Using case examples, the textbook brings theory and research to practice, thus meeting the mandate for evidence-based practice and illustrating that having effective literacy skills enhances the quality of life of all individuals, including those with autism spectrum disorders. If you are teaching a college course or preparing for an in-house training, turn to Quality Literacy to cover the essential area of literacy.

Price: $75.95 | Code: 9506 | ISBN: 978-1934575666


Autism as Context Blindness - Textbook Edition

by Peter Vermeulen, PhD

According to Peter Vermeulen, treatment of autism is still focused on behavior and minimally focused on observation or determining the way of thinking that leads to the behavior. In this groundbreaking book, inspired by the ideas of Uta Frith, the internationally known psychologist and a pioneer in the theory of the mind as it relates to autism, Vermeulen explains in everyday terms how the autistic brain functions, with a particular emphasis on the apparent lack of sensitivity to and awareness of the context in which things happen. Full of examples, often humorous, the book goes on to examine "context" as it relates to observation, social interactions, communication, and knowledge. The book concludes with a major section on how to reduce context blindness in these various areas, vital for successful functioning.

Price: $44.95 | Code: 9508 | ISBN: 978-1937473457


The Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS) for Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities - Second Edition

by Shawn A. Henry and Brenda Smith Myles, PhD

This system allows educators to understand how to implement an instructional program for students with ASD. Known as CAPS, the model answers common questions about finding the right supports to fit a child’s learning style in order to help him reach his full potential. Used with "The Ziggurat Model," CAPS enables educators and other professionals to address adequate yearly progress (AYP), response to intervention (RTI), and positive behavior support (PBS). "The student manual contains the following features to help strengthen students’ understanding of material discussed within each chapter and ability to apply the material to everyday work with individuals with autism spectrum and related disorders. Each chapter offers Chapter Learner Objectives, Chapter Summaries, and Chapter Review Questions and Answers perfect for preparing for tests and/or exams that may be administered in class.

Price: $44.95 | Code: 9510 | ISBN: 978-1937473761


Facilitating Early Social Communication Skills: From Theory to Practice

Pamela Rosenthal Rollins, MS, CCC-SLP, EdD

This text presents a developmental social-pragmatic approach to facilitating language and social communication. Consistent with the SCERTS model (Social Communication Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports; Prizant et al.), it makes a major contribution to the training and support of young children on the autism spectrum, ages 3-5. While the focus is on the preschool environment, suggestions about how to extend the approach to the home and other environments where the child with autism spends time are provided. Subject include sharing emotions, perusing goals, sharing attention and intention. Sections about core functional vocabulary, use of visual graphic symbols, daily schedule instructions highlight the key program components of this text.

Price: $79.95 | Code: 9512 | ISBN: 978-1937473846


Taming the Data Monster - Textbook Edition

by Susan Kabot, EdD, CCC-SLP; Christine E. Reeve, PhD, BCBA-D

Faced with increasing demands for accountability, teachers are having to base their instructional decisions and choice of interventions on data on student performance. This book shows how to make this otherwise daunting task much more manageable by means of case studies and countless evidence-based forms and graphs. Although this book often refers to students and classrooms, the data collection techniques are applicable to a wide range of environments, including clinics, job-training and actual job sites, and homes. In addition, the data collection tools and procedures are relevant for use with a wide range of ages, from toddlers to adults.

Price: $29.95   |   Code: 9123T   |   ISBN: 978-1942197072



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