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The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum (Teacher Edition)

The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum (Teacher Edition) 9028

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The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum (Teacher Edition)

A Program for Emerging Self-Advocates With Autism Spectrum and Other Conditions 

International Book Award Winner!

Are you serious about teaching self-advocacy? If yes, this is the book for you. Self-advocacy plays a vital role in nearly every aspect of life for individuals on the spectrum: in school, at home, in the community, and at work. The more self-awareness they possess, the more individuals with ASD can be active in advocating for their own comfort, happiness, and well-being, but children and adults with autism spectrum and related conditions often receive limited support in these vital life skills. Thankfully, this cutting-edge curriculum helps professionals and family members provide safe forums for self-discovery, structured learning activities, and a cumulative understanding of the many facets of self-advocacy. The curriculum in The Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA® Curriculum: A Program for Emerging Self-Advocates With Autism Spectrum and Other Conditions (Teacher Edition) presents eleven units with detailed worksheets, activities, and lesson plans, including scanning sensory and social environments, identifying how and when to self-disclose, exploring the history of autism, studying role models with ASD, developing media literacy on topics involving autism, and cultivating deep and focused interests for vocation and leisure time. A student workbook allows student to systematically learn about self-advocacy and have a permanent product of their work. Students' work throughout the lessons culminates in the creation of a personal self-advocacy portfolio, a living document that can be adjusted over the life span. Foreword by Stephen Shore, EdD.


Valerie Paradiz, PhD is the director of Valerie Paradiz, LLC, a consultancy that designs curricula and provides technical assistance and strategic planning to schools, universities and organizations that support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Valerie is the developer of the 2010 International Book Award finalist in education, Integrated Self-Advocacy ISA, which includes a certification training series for educators, therapists, families and support providers who wish to foster individuals with ASDs in achieving greater self-determination and ability in self-advocacy. Additional publications include Lesson Plan a la Carte, an easy planning model that helps educators and support providers to create interventions that integrate learning objectives with therapeutic supports and accommodations directly in the classroom, the community, employment or other learning settings. Valerie is also a contributor to Scholars on the Spectrum Achieving Dreams (Auricle, 2012), a collection of essays written by adults with autism spectrum diagnoses. Her memoir, Elijah's Cup (Simon & Schuster, 2003) is the story of the author's experiences raising her autistic son and their involvement together in the self-advocacy community. Dr. Paradiz has been featured in the New York Times, Redbook Magazine, The Guardian, Parade Magazine, NHK Japan, MTV's True Life and on National Public Radio. She serves and has served on national boards and advisory councils, including Autism Speaks, Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism, the Autism Society of America, IDEA Partnership's National Community of Practice in Autism, and the National Institute of Mental Health's Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee's Strategic Planning Consortium. Valerie received her PhD in German Studies from City University of New York's Graduate Center. 

ISBN: 9781934575406

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