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The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults 9942A

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The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults

Don't hide the hidden curriculum from people with ASD! The hidden curriculum includes: unwritten rules, metaphors and idioms, jokes and riddles, and assumptions and expectations -- information that is typically hidden from individuals with ASD. The hidden curriculum is made simple in the revised and expanded edition of this popular book, The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults. This book provides hundreds of hidden curriculum items and a series of instructional strategies that can be used to teach the hidden curriculum. Instructional aids include charts, forms, and templates designed to make the job of teaching and learning the hidden curriculum more effective. Foreword by Michelle Garcia Winner.


Brenda Smith Myles, PhD, a consultant with the Ziggurat Group and AAPC president, is the recipient of the Autism Society of America's Outstanding Professional Award, the Princeton Fellowship Award, and the Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Developmental Disabilities Burton Blatt Humanitarian Award. Brenda has made over 1500 presentations all over the world and written more than 250 articles and books on ASD. Myles is also on the executive boards of several organizations, including the Scientific Council of the Organization for Autism Research (SCORE) and ASTEP Asperger Syndrome Training and Education Program. Further, in the latest survey conducted by the University of Texas, she was acknowledged as the second most productive applied researcher in ASD in the world.

Melissa L. Trautman, MsEd, is a special education teacher with several years of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders. In addition, to co-authoring The Hidden Curriculum for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations for Adolescents and Young Adults, she is the author of My New School: A Workbook to Help Students Transition to a New School and co-author of the 2011 One-a-Day Hidden Curriculum Calendar for Children

Ronda L. Schelvan, MsEd, has worked for more than 30 years in the field of special education, including extensive experience working/supporting students and families with special needs. She has presented and consulted nationally and internationally. In addition to serving as co-chair of Southwest Washington’s Autism Consulting Cadre for 10 years, Ronda collaborated on the Autism Guidebook for Washington State. She has served as past president of the Southwest Washington Chapter of the Autism Society of Washington. Ronda also teaches classes and serves as a mentor for the Autism Outreach Project of Washington. Currently, she teaches for the Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington.

ISBN: 9781937473747

Reviews (8)

March 16 2017
Three Stars By Amazon Customer on June 1, 2016 |Verified Purchase cool but incomplete
March 16 2017
Huge Help for our Asperger's teen and even our relatively normal 1st grader By Amazon Customer on May 1, 2014 Verified Purchase This book helps adults understand how social situations come across to youngsters with autism and sensory processing disorders. It helps you develop a plan. It includes a long list of usually unspoken rules for living in our society and some common figures of speech that the Asperger's individual might take too literally and not understand. We read a couple of these rules each morning together as well as one of the figures of speech. It has given our older son understanding and confidence in social situations and helped our younger son begin to understand manners better. I have also been able to use it in talking with our youth pastors to help them understand and work with our older son
March 16 2017
Great book for those with low functioning autism By David L. on September 8, 2014 Amazon |Verified Purchase The authors of this book obviously did extensive research on the subject. The material is well-presented and clearly described. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on the spectrum (i.e., someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD). The one exception to that would be if you have a high functioning form of autism (e.g., Asperger's) and you are college-aged or older. The reason I say that is because most of the rules and ideas that are presented in this book are for those who have zero knowledge of the hidden curriculum and the way social interactions are supposed to work. Those with Asperger's are able to and likely have already learned many if not all of the rules stated in this book already. Obviously everyone's knowledge of the hidden curriculum varies, but I purchased this book for a young adult with Asperger's (in his mid-20's) and he knew 99% of the material covered in this book already. He didn't learn it anywhere and he never received any kind of Asperger-specific counseling or training; he picked up the knowledge from his own experiences (and mistakes). Also, some of the material is dated. For example, one of the slang terms that is presented in this book is "Phat, snap!" which the authors explain simply means "Cool." This word might have been popular among the kids a decade ago but it looks like this book was published in 2013. C'mon guys, get with the times! Overall, a very good book for those with low-functioning forms of autism.
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