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The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo

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The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo

What a fun way to teach children about autism -- through the eyes of animals - all different in their sizes, origins, colors, and demeanors.  The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo is an illustrated, rhyming children’s book that connects the characteristics of various zoo animals to the major social skills characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder. The book demonstrates how some animals exhibit specific characteristics, unique behaviors, and special needs while capitalizing on their strengths. The goal of this book is for children to recognize their characteristics and learn how to use them for greater success in home, school, and community. This resource can be used with children and their peers to talk openly about diagnosis, challenges, and differences, read by them or with an adult. Professionals can also use the resource in schools or clinics. DOWNLOAD THE FREE ASD ZOO COLORING BOOK AFTER CHECKOUT.


Josie Santomauro lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she is a full-time writer. Her son, Damian, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of five; he is now a PhD candidate and researcher in the field of autism. Josie is published in over 25 resources on ASD (one in Italian), including Friendly Facts, Asperger Download, and Space Travelers. Josie has also written over a dozen fiction books for children and young adults under the name Josie Montano. She regularly presents seminars and workshops on ASD, and was awarded the Parent/Carer Award Autism Queensland Australia in recognition of her outstanding achievements. She received a certificate of recognition as a community mentor from the Naturally Autistic People Awards, BC, Canada. Josie offers consultations with parents, educators, and caregivers. She also volunteers as a peer supporter to fellow members of her state emergency services.  

ISBN: 9781937473983

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LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
The ASD Zoo of Kalamazoo is a great resource for initiating a discussion about autism spectrum disorders with children. Featuring zoo animals displaying autistic traits, the book engages the interest of children and explains autism in a way that they can relate to. Teachers can use the book in a classroom setting to talk about autism with a ‘mixed’ class or one-on-one with students on the autism spectrum. The book is fun, inclusive, and affirming. The Teaching/Learning Activities section provides engaging learning activities. I wish this book had been around when I was little!
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