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Teaching Students With Classic Autism Functional Social Skills in Natural Settings

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Teaching Students With Classic Autism Functional Social Skills in Natural Settings
A Program Based on Individualized Comprehensive Assessment and Evidence-Based Practices

Students with classic features of autism tend to learn best by participating in activities they find interesting, engaging, and are part of their daily lives. This highly practical book guides teachers and other practitioners in developing and implementing comprehensive social skills programs for individuals with classic autism. Teaching Students With Classic Autism Functional Social Skills in Natural SettingsA Program Based on Individualized Comprehensive Assessment and Evidence-Based Practices embeds social skills within lessons that impact real-life social situations, such as learning to do something nice for others, working on a classroom project, or waiting in a cafeteria line. To make this well-crafted functional curriculum even more relevant, it includes a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use assessment tool tied to IEP development using evidence-based practices.


Susan J. Sheridan, EdD, has more than 40 years of experience in education, specializing in autism and intellectual disabilities. She has taught students with special needs of all ages, in addition to teaching at the university level. Having served as the special education consultant for the Harris County Department of Education for 19 years and worked in private consulting for 16 years, Sue works with school districts across Texas and consults in Saudi Arabia for the Center for Autism Research at the King Faisal Specialist Research Hospital in Riyadh. She and Deborah Bahme conducted social skills groups together for over 12 years. She continues to work with a group of young adults in Houston on an ongoing basis. Sue's special interests include functional assessment and social skills development.

Deborah E. Bahme, MEd, has worked with students with special needs as an educator and private consultant in school districts across Texas for more than 18 years. She provides support and training to professionals and families who live and work with children with autism spectrum and related disorders. Deborah is particularly interested in working with students with social and behavioral challenges across environments, and has done extensive work in the area of in-home and parent training. She and Sue Sheridan conducted community-based social skills groups together for more than 12 years. Deborah has developed two similar groups for school-aged students in West Texas that have met for five years on a monthly basis as well as a day camp during the summer.

ISBN: 9781937473884

Reviews (2)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 06 2016
Customer Review: Norman Orr - One might expect from the title that this book would only be of interest to people who teach a limited range of students. However, the principles described herein are also applicable to a wide range of students with a wide range of socially maladaptive disabilities. And they could also be applied to numerous other educational situations, since the basic principle is to understand the basic capabilities and needs of each student, and devise activities unique to that student. Requires a lot of work, but the rewards, for both student and teacher, are worth it.
LENEXA, Kansas
July 27 2015
This is an incredible tool! The extensive Functional Social Skills Assessment (FSSA) taps into every skill one can think of and many that we might take for granted. The way we are guided into displaying our results really helps us move forward at any pace we need. The IEP goals provided make it a breeze to concretely show the importance of these skills. The Evidence Best Practice (EBP) section educates us about what’s out there and how to best incorporate those programs into what we are teaching and the EBP chart is superb! The class Lesson Plans act as a guide as well as give us concrete examples and choices. They even have a section on what parents can do to incorporate the goals at home. I could go on and on! I couldn’t ask for a better tool!
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