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TIPS: Teaching Important Parenting Strategies

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TIPS: Teaching Important Parenting Strategies
Raising a Child With Limited Verbal Skills

NAPPA Award Winner!

Mom's Choice Award Winner!

Easily find the answers you need to support your young child who is just learning to talk! TIPS: Teaching Important Parenting Strategies - Raising a Child with Limited Verbal Skills is an excellent resource for anyone raising a young child with limited communication skills and/or challenging behaviors. Based on questions and answers that parents and caregivers have asked the authors throughout the years, TIPS may be read in its entirety, or readers can skip around among individual questions and answers. The book can be used as a reference for finding practical, user-friendly solutions to common challenges encountered by parents and caregivers, including communication, behavior, technology, community outings, and sensory needs. All answers follow best practice and evidence-based strategies.


Megan Ahlers,
M.S., is a school administrator. She received her undergraduate degree in education and her master's degree in special education from Indiana University. Megan has approximately 30 years in the field of education and has taught children ranging in age from 3 to 22. Her areas of expertise are early intervention, curricula programming, and shaping behavior. Megan has presented at the national, state, and local levels on autism, positive behavioral support, and other effective programming for students who are nonverbal, limited verbal, and/or have limited readiness skills. In addition to the award winning, TIPS, Ahlers authored the award-winning, The Classroom and Communication Skills Program
Practical Strategies for Educating Young Children With Autism Spectrum and Other Developmental Disabilities in the Public School Setting.

Colleen H. Zillich, M.S., CCC-SLP, is an early childhood speech-language pathologist specializing in providing inclusive speech therapy services to children who are nonverbal or have limited verbal skills. Colleen received her bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa in speech and hearing sciences and psychology and her master's degree from Purdue University in speech-language pathology with an emphasis on augmentative and alternative communication systems. She has presented at the local and national level and participates on a local autism resource team by providing consultation and support for students with autism. She has also provided speech therapy services to children ages 9 months to 10 years of age.

ISBN: 9781937473877

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LENEXA, Kansas
April 13 2015
As the grandmother of a 5-year-old child with autism who has never spoken, I have often felt sad, lost, and frustrated when trying to communicate with him, or even hold his attention. In reading this book, I was impressed with the easy and practical suggestions for working with nonverbal children, such as using simple sign language and incorporating pictures and other visual aids. This knowledge will allow me to be more relaxed, happy, and confident around my grandson, thus making our time together more special. Most important, the book has given me hope that my sweet grandson and I will eventually find our own path to communicating with one another!
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