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Social Skills Training
For Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communication Problems

How important is it to have good social skills? Whether it's learning how long one can look at somebody, how to shift topics despite one's desire to stick with that all-consuming special interest, how to say no to peer pressure, or dealing with sensitive topics, everything you need and more is in this social skills curriculum. In this comprehensive and user-friendly book, the author translates years of experience working with students with autism and social-communication difficulties. After some brief introductory chapters on skills to target, instructional strategies, behavior management, promoting generalization, etc., as well as a special chapter by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD, on relevant characteristics of autism spectrum disorder, the reader is presented with the essence of this must-have resource. Throughout Social Skills: Training for Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communication Problems, you'll discover seventy skills to help overcome the most common difficulties for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and social-communication problems. The presentation of each skill consists of a reproducible skill handout, as well as activity sheets listing ways teachers and parents can demonstrate, practice, and reinforce the skill in the classroom and at home. A concluding chapter on promoting peer acceptance offers sensitivity training programs for both students of various age groups and school staff, making this a complete social skills training package for students of all ages. Understanding autism is one of the most difficult things. Long gone are the days of misinformation about this condition. This book is designed to help provide cross training for all of the parties autism spectrum disorder affects. From teachers and students to close family members who have a loved with this condition, this text ensures that everyone understand the basics. This book has become a standard in teaching social skills to students with high functioning autism.


Jed Baker,
PhD, is the director of the Social Skills Training Project, a private organization serving individuals with autism and social communication problems. He is on the professional advisory board of Autism Today, ASPEN, ANSWER, YAI, the Kelberman Center and several other autism organizations. In addition, he writes, lectures, and provides training internationally on social skills training and managing challenging behaviors. Baker is an award-winning author of five books, including Social Skills Training for Children and Adolescents With Asperger Syndrome and Social- Communication Problems; Preparing for Life: The Complete Handbook for the Transition to Adulthood for Those with Autism and Asperger Syndrome; The Social Skills Picture Book; The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond; and No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for Managing and Preventing Out-of-Control Behavior. His work has been featured on ABC World News, Nightline, the CBS Early Show, and the Discovery Health Channel.

ISBN: 9781931282208

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