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Quinn at School
Relating, Connecting, and Responding at School – A Book for Children Ages 3-7

Mom's Choice Award Winner!
Early diagnosis and early intervention are both important factors in the lifelong success of those diagnosed. Quinn at School: Relating, Connecting, and Responding at School – A Book for Children Ages 3-7 is based on vignettes that reflect the hardships (interacting with classmates, greeting teachers, playground politics, art class, library visits, etc.) preschool and kindergarten children with social challenges face each school day. Many children, not just those with an autism spectrum disorder, have difficulty initiating or sustaining social contact, and this highly visual picture book helps children do just that using examples from environments and situations they are familiar with. In addition to being used as a lap book, Quinn at School comes with a free CD that includes the book in a digital PDF format, which allows children to advance the pages on a computer, keeping them highly engaged and making the resource doubly effective. For classroom use, the digital format may be converted for use with a Mimio whiteboard or SMART notebook system. A fun poster is included, making this a perfect educational tool to help young children with ASD learn that school can be fun!


Rick H. Warren is a certified language arts teacher who has wide experience working with children with a variety of special needs.

ISBN: 9781934575871

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Connie Mistler Davidson - Some children seem to leap from the womb knowing all of the social skills that they will need for a lifetime of positive interactions. Other children seem to struggle with these interactions from the earliest days of their lives. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder and other children with neurological differences may have many social challenges. These are the children who can really benefit from Quinn at School: Relating, Connecting, and Responding at School. This book, by Rick H. Warren, is aimed at children ages 3-7. It is a well-thought-out and useful tool for teaching social skills to young children. Quinn at School shows a young boy, Quinn, in different situations that are commonly found in a school setting. At first glance, Quinn at School seems like a simple book. It has large print, easy dialogue, and cartoon pictures. However, as an educator, I'm impressed by the way that the book presents its message. It has a predictable format. After showing the setting, Quinn is shown in a state of confusion. He doesn't know what to do. Because this is shown in a book, a child will understand that it is okay to be confused. Then, three scenarios are presented which show a continuum of positive interactions. After that, there is a three question quiz. A strategy for generalizing this behavior concludes each section. Here is a listing of the skills being taught: Seeing a Friend; Greeting a Teacher; Listening in Class; Telling How Old You Are; Raising Your Hand; Pointing at Stuff; Asking for Help; Showing Your Work; Having a Snack, Playing and Sharing, Asking Kids to Play, Waiting Your Turn, Answering Questions, and Saying Goodbye. These may seem like simple tasks to us. For a child who lacks social skills, any of these interactions may be incredibly painful and be one more chance to be rejected by his peers. This is a book that is designed to appeal to a young child's desire for predictability and love of brightly colored pictures. Included in the book is a CD with the book in PDF form for use on a computer. Kids love to read on the computer, and this will allow the child to take charge of his own learning. Also, built into the back of the book is a chart that is a visual reminder of the skills. It's suitable for hanging on the wall to help the child remember what to do. This book is suitable for any young child who struggles with social skills. As an educator and a mother of a child who has had struggles with personal interactions, I can appreciate that Quinn at School is a useful book. I believe that it can help children build the social skills necessary for living a happier life. This book is highly recommended.
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