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Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum
The Art of Guiding Children's Socialization and Imagination
Many children on the autism spectrum spend inordinate amounts of time alone. Without appropriate intervention, they are especially vulnerable to being excluded from their peer group and leading impoverished play lives. This practical guide, Peer Play and the Autism Spectrum: The Art of Guiding Children's Socialization and Imagination, offers an introduction to the basic principles, tools, and techniques that comprise the integrated play groups model. Pamela Wolfberg essentially translates theory into effective and meaningful practice, giving practitioners, parents and other caregivers the tools to initiate peer play groups for children in school, home, and community settings. Teach children with autism to play using this evidence-based curriculum! 


Pamela Wolfberg, PhD, is associate professor of special education and director of the Autism Spectrum Graduate Program at San Francisco State University. She received her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, with SFSU. She has more than 20 years of experience as an educator, researcher, and practitioner devoted to diverse learners on the autism spectrum. As originator of the Integrated Play Groups Model and found of the Autism Institute on Peer Socialization and Play, she leads research, training, and development efforts to establish peer socialization programs worldwide. She currently serves as associate editor for Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice and as director of Project Mosiac: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators to Meet the Unique Needs of Students with Autism in Diverse Settings. Pamela is the recipient of several distinguished awards for her scholarship, research and service to the community.

ISBN: 9781931282178

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