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Nurturing Narratives
Story-Based Language Intervention for Children With Complicated Language Problems, Including Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
Research shows that if those on the spectrum know how to converse with others, they are more likely to be employed, live independently, and have friends. As such, children with complex learning problems and autism spectrum disorder need to learn important language and conversational skills. These children are often in situations that may not be meaningful to them and hence are too complex for learning to occur. Due to the importance of understanding and telling stories for all children, Nurturing Narratives: Story-Based Language Intervention for Children With Complicated Language Problems, Including Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities was developed as a story-based language intervention for children. The model emphasizes comprehension, tailors language to the child's developmental level and stresses social engagement. The acquisition of language and literacy skills is embedded in a variety of story-related activities. Do you know somebody who has autism spectrum disorder struggles with conversation? This evidence-based practice can help.


Lauren Franke, PsyD, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years experience as a practitioner, educator, consultant, and researcher. Her research and practice have focused on story-based language intervention to help students with complicated language needs develop language, social communication, play, and literacy skills. Lauren's story-based intervention framework, Coaching Comprehension-Creating Conversation (CCCC), reflects her commitment to developing and implementing functional and meaningful intervention that fits the student and is motivating and engaging. She has also developed interactive story-based software for computer-assisted instruction, and she continues to consult in this area. Through her work with the Orange County Department of Education in southern California, Lauren has developed the CMAP -AS D, the Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Assessment Protocol for Autism Spectrum Disorders, an assessment protocol for IEP teams to use when developing assessment plans for students suspected of being on the autism spectrum. Lauren speaks regularly on topics related to story-based language intervention, assessment, social skills, and supporting students with ASD in accessing the curriculum.

Christine Durbin, MA CCC-SLP, is a senior speech-language pathologist at Kalmanowitz Child Development Center at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She has practiced as an SLP for the past 30+ years. Christine has long been interested in the concept of treating the total child and has worked in interdisciplinary settings all of her career. She has worked extensively in early intervention and with children with autism spectrum disorder. Christine received her master's degree in communication disorders from the University of Missouri, Columbia and lives in Sausalito, CA where she enjoys hiking, painting, and dancing.

ISBN: 9781934575697

Reviews (4)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Allison Waggoner - Very informative and well written. I work with children who have varying skill sets and this book is a great asset.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Patricia Gordon - Great for SLP's and language interventionists, this book is an awesome find whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran working with kids with complicated language problems, including kids on the autism spectrum. It's easy to digest with plenty of evidence-based references to support the interventions presented. There are clear and concise strategies for tailoring stories at three levels of difficulty, materials and book suggestions, and examples to support understanding. It comes with a CD that provides ready-made stories to get you going, over-view charts for the different story levels, materials to share with parents and colleagues, an entry-level checklist and more. This is definitely an "I can use this tomorrow!" kind of resource. P. Gordon, SLP
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Sally Barrable - Great practical resource with lots of ideas to get you started. Highly recommended. CD included with the book helps initially to give you lots of examples of narratives, making planning easier for the busy therapist/ educator/ parent.
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