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My Sensory Book
Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause

 At least 90% of children with autism spectrum disorder experience sensory challenges. My Sensory Book: The More I Know About My World, The Better I Will Feel is a workbook designed to provide children with a clearer understanding of their sensory systems and the impact sensory input may have on their emotions. The book provides clear descriptions and specific information about sensory systems and illustrates the link that exists between sensory input and emotions. This interactive workbook is useful in helping children and adults establish and understand the triggers for their strong emotions and use interventions that may help them cope more effectively with the world around them. After all, children who understand their sensory systems will have fewer behavior challenges!


Lauren H. Kerstein, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. After receiving a master’s degree in social work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, she completed a post-master’s fellowship at JFK Partners, the University Affiliated Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. In addition to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Lauren works extensively with children experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship skill difficulties, as well as developmental or mental health needs. In addition to writingA Week of Switching, Shifting, and Stretching: How to Make My Thinking More Flexible, Lauren is the author of My Sensory Book: Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause: A Workbook for Parents, Professionals, and Children and a textbook about high-functioning autism. In addition, she is a guest blogger for SensorySpot.com. Finally, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Denver in the Graduate School of Social Work and a national speaker.  

ISBN: 9781934575215

Reviews (5)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Robin A. Haas - I am a child and family therapist and work with children with sensory issues. I am always reading up and searching for resources for my office and clients. This book is well written, well organized, and extremely easy to understand. I recommend it highly.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - I'm a clinical social worker who works with children 0-5 yrs old. I have found quite a few have sensory integration issues. Although not my specific concentration for practice, this book helps soooo much in improving my skills to help my clients, my kids.:)
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: M.B. - this book is very easy to read, it has useful information, practical tools and simple explanations that can help any child understand their condition better...also great tool for parents and clinicians working with young children. it breaks down the information in small sections reducing the anxiety of understanding a complex disorder, the language is also kid-friendly.
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