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Make Social Learning Stick!
How to Guide and Nurture Social Competence Through Everyday Routines and Activities
Mom's Choice Award Winner! Make Social Learning Stick! offers ideas and activities that can be used in everyday life to increase verbal and nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding of hidden rules, perspective taking, executive functioning, and more. With close to 200 fun and easy activities, including contributions from leading experts, this book offers numerous ways to embrace teachable moments throughout daily routines without having to do extra work! Events like getting ready for school, preparing dinner, going to the doctor, and celebrating Thanksgiving become opportunities for teaching and reinforcing expected social behavior for those with autism spectrum disorder. Geared toward children in preschool through elementary school, the ideas are meant to inspire creativity that suits each specific child. Activities can be easily tailored to meet a child's developmental level, needs, or challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for teaching individuals with autism spectrum disorder. However, this book has an approach for everyone. No extra work!


Elizabeth A. Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP, co-directs and co-owns Communication Works, a private practice offering speech, language, social, and occupational therapy for children and adults. She has worked with preschool to adult clients and their families since 1996 in private practice, schools, and hospitals. Following her professional passion, Elizabeth has specialized in social communication, self-regulation, and executive functioning. She thrives on learning and developing functional and creative intervention tools and programs to support her clients, and enjoys collaborating with other professionals and parents. In addition, her relationships with her sister and extended family members with special needs have made her work a lifelong endeavor. She has completed a mentorship and internship with Michelle Garcia Winner, Stephanie Madrigal, and Pamela Crooke, and has co-authored two popular children's books about whole body listening, Whole Body Listening Larry at Home and Whole Body Listening Larry at School. She lives with her husband, two sons, and a dog, who continually teach her new life lessons and keep her smiling. Check out Elizabeth Sautter's Blog here.

ISBN: 9781937473839

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March 16 2017
A Child's Key to Success By E. R. on June 13, 2014 |Verified Purchase Parenting is difficult at best, and doubly so for time-challenged, working parents. How does one make that precious time together count? Ultimately, we want to raise happy souls who can play and work well with others, make good choices, and eventually live independently. Sautter's book makes an excellent case for focusing on social competence learning which, in her words, "plays a major role in developing and maintaining relationships, academic achievement, working in small groups, and eventually holding a job." This attractively illustrated book offers critical thinking activities and approaches to apply toward at-home time (starting the day, getting ready for school, meal prep, playing by the "rules," playing with peers and siblings, chores, animals, phone etiquette, thinking about and functioning within the family, nighttime routine, etc.), when we're out in the community (in the car, at the mall and playground, at the grocery store, eating out, at the doctor's office, etc.), and on holidays and attending special events (including parties and vacations). Filled with insights, this book helps us raise thoughtful children by giving them the keys to a successful life in an otherwise complex world.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - I received Elizabeth Sautter’s Make Social Learning Stick! as a gift, and am thrilled with the organization it brings to therapy sessions with students that have social communication difficulties. As a speech pathologist in the public schools, a bigger percent of our caseload each year includes children who cannot pick up on the subtleties of communication and understand the unspoken rules our society has. This extremely practical and organized guide is full of easy to access information. Often, planning lessons for students with pragmatic language concerns takes too much time; the conciseness and organization of this book is much appreciated! It is an excellent book to loan to parents because it simply and clearly guides them as they search for ways to turn frustrating conversations during everyday activities into enjoyable interactions. If I could only have one resource book, for my therapy and for parents of my students to use, Make Social Learning Stick! would be it!
LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Bruce H. - WOW! There are so many great things to say about this book and the author! Before I found this book, I really struggled with finding the time and ways to incorporate social development activities into our busy schedules! This book offers tons and tons of amazing and creative activities that can be easily incorporated into countless situations and events. I had no idea how many teaching opportunities I was passing up on until I read this book! This guide offers activities that range from daily routines such as "getting ready for school" and "playing with peers and siblings" to specific holidays and special events like "birthdays," "dinner parties," and "Halloween." This book taught me how to take advantage of every situation and gave me a new perspective that allows me to see the teachable moments in every moment.The Hidden Rules on each page supplement these activities perfectly, highlighting the unspoken expectations (as well as what is not expected) in each situation. And if the countless amazing activities weren't enough, Sautter offers even more useful tools at the end of her book that include many great visual aid worksheets (helpful for creating routines -brushing teeth, bedtime etc.) and charts for identifying/ monitoring moods and emotions. There are even pages of sample kid jokes, conversation starters, and useful websites for parents. Every parent will benefit from the activities and knowledge in this book. Sautter has completely transformed the way I view social development opportunities!
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