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Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Dinosaurs (DVD)

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Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Dinosaurs (DVD)

In this lively DVD focusing on young children, viewers get a first-hand view of a dinosaur-theme-based sensorimotor lesson. After a brief introduction to sensory integration, view step-by-step how a series of seven sensorimotor activities, including warm-up, vestibular, proprioception, balance, eye-hand coordination, cool-down and fine motor, are combined in fun games and activities to result in better readiness to learn for students. The activities use a transdisciplinary approach in an inclusive classroom with typical peer models. Perfect companion to Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Sensorimotor Early Childhood Activity Themes.


Jenny Clark Brack, OTR/L, BCP (AOTA Board Certification in Pediatrics), is a licensed pediatric occupational therapist with over 25 years of experience as a school-based occupational therapist, independent contractor for early intervention services, private practitioner, speaker, consultant, author, and inventor. Ms. Clark currently owns a pediatric therapy private practice Jenny's Kids, Inc. She received her bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and graduated with distinction from the University of Kansas. She is published in professional journals, such as OT Practice, Occupational Therapy Forum, and Journal of Occupational Therapy Students. Additionally, Jenny has written a book on sensory processing entitled Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Sensorimotor Early Childhood Activity Themes , and more recently has written a sequel Learn to Move, Moving Up! Sensorimotor Elementary School Activity Themes (AAPC 2009). In addition, she has published two DVD's Learn to Move: Dinosaurs, a companion to her first book, and Sensory Processing Disorder Kit: Simulations and Solutions for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists (AAPC 2006), which won the Media in Excellence Video award from Autism Society of America. Jenny's newest publication is a music CD, Sing, Move, Learn which accompanies the songs in her first book. Jenny is the inventor of the Patent-Pending Cool Bracelet (www.abilitations.com). She has spoken both nationally and internationally on a variety of topics, including sensory integration/processing.

ISBN: 193128279X

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: Kristi A. Sakai - This is a basic overview of the curriculum in Jenny Clark Brack's corresponding book, but it can also stand alone. In this DVD she explains clearly and concisely how to create a program of activities for children with sensory integration disorders in a pre-school, early elementary classroom with typical peers. These are fun interesting activities with a common Dinosaur theme that all children can benefit from because it helps improve sensory skills such as balance and coordination, among others. As she explains the activities and their purpose, it shows examples of children of various skill levels participating together and enjoying themselves. For example, children are passing "dinosaur eggs" that are actually balls of various weights. One of the benefits of this activitiy is that they cross the midline as it goes in a circle, the practice coordination by trying not to drop it (they are sitting on the floor) and there is a fun social element to it as well. An example of a little more difficult activity would be the children walking across a balance beam that is on floor level (a 2X4) and bending to pick up "Dinosaur bones" without falling. In this activity, as in all of those demonstrated, it also gives pointers for adapting the program and giving appropriate support to allow children of all abilities to participate. For example, using tape on the floor instead of a beam, or holding a child's hand to help them with balance. I particularly like the inclusion message that is subtle because it is so obvious that of course everyone can participate! Another benefit of this DVD is that it's only 19 minutes, a selling point when sharing it with teachers who have limited time. It would be an excellent DVD to donate or lend to your school to be passed between the teachers. In fact, that is exactly where my copy of the DVD will go now that I'm finished viewing it. It would be a great addition to any therapy center library or organization for parents. Although the presenter refers to pre-school aged children, these activities could easily be used for children in early elementary school. It would be a wonderful addition to any curriculum! I'm now planning to run out and buy the book!
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