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Jackson Whole Wyoming

His classmates have identified him as a "friend" of Jackson, who has high-functioning autism, and now Tyler is tormented by what that means in terms of his own personality. Over the course of this highly readable and swift-moving middle-grade novel (2nd to 6th grade), Tyler resolves this issue and in the process recalls incidents from previous school years, growing in his understanding of this unusual classmate. Written by a speech-language pathologist who works with children with autism spectrum disorders, this novel belongs on the library shelf of any middle-grade classroom.


Joan Clark is a speech/language pathologist who has spent her career in the public school sector. Her writing is inspired by her interest in her students, their unique personalities, and how they interact with each other. It reflects her belief: with proper guidance, children can learn to accept those with differences and more importantly, gain insight from them. Joan works with students who have high functioning autism in two capacities. First, she is a member of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessment Team for her school district, providing consultation and participating in diagnostic evaluations. Second, she provides therapy for students with ASD on her regular school caseload and is a strong advocate for them within her buildings. Joan received her bachelor’s degree from Penn State and her master’s degree from the University of Houston. She has worked in school settings in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Department of Defense Schools in the Philippines, Texas, and Illinois. She is married with two grown children, a dog and a cat, a wonderful extended family, and friends.

ISBN: 9781931282727

Reviews (5)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: Barbara A. Lowstetter - I really got a kick out of reading "Jackson Whole." The book gives a funny, yet relevant look into the world of Jackson, a student identified with Asperger's syndrome. The story line moves quickly as one episode after another unfolds revealing Jackson's personality, thought process and unconventional actions. A fun and insightful read
LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: J. A. Williams - This book is a delightful read and holds your attention from beginning to end. It is told from a childs viewpoint of trying to understand other children who are not like themselves and how parents and teachers can be there to help. I have forwarded it to my daughter in college who is majoring in elementary education. Thanks, Joan
LENEXA, Kansas
June 02 2016
Customer Review: Janey - Great story. I like the large font and the well-spaced easy-to-read pages. I work with autistic (and Aspergers) children, and this book really rang true. I could relate it to the kids I've met, but it also helps me understand them better. Nice story. Each chapter reverts to an incident with Jackson from years before, which is a bit distracting and boring but yet is necessary. Very very few grammatical or typo errors (if any), which is unusual for a book put out by a smaller company
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