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Developing Talents
Careers for Individuals With Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Who knows better about developing the talents of those with ASD than Temple Grandin? This updated and expanded edition of Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals With Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism considers the continuing dismal employment statistics for individuals with ASD. The authors take an in-depth look at entrepreneurship. Using real-life examples, they point out that many of the unique characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum lend themselves well to entrepreneurial ventures. The book explores many unnoticed aspects of vocational rehabilitation programs that provide job training and placement for people with disabilities, as well as Social Security Administration programs that offer vocational assistance. Employment figures and prospects have been updated, and new jobs have been added that are well suited for those on the spectrum. Foreword by Tony Attwood, PhD.


Temple Grandin, PhD is an animal scientist who designs livestock-handling facilities worldwide and is an assistant professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University. A frequent lecturer on autism, she is the author of Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Thinking in Pictures and other publications. She was identified by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Kate Duffy, MS has owned her own writing business for 16 years in addition to working as a writing and business instructor.

ISBN: 9781934575284

Reviews (5)

LENEXA, Kansas
June 01 2016
Customer Review: Kitty - Very helpful! I used Temple's suggestions when encouraging my son with moderate to high-functioning Autism (not Asperger) to aim for more computer education so he could find work with computers, which he loves. At 40 years of age, he is able to diagnose and fix all my computer problems and those of my friends. It's still difficult to find paid work, though, with this disability. He's doing volunteer computer work with our church and a friend's radio station to build up his resume.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 01 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - If you have an Aspbergers. or work with one, this is a good read. You must think a bit differently, and utilize their existing gifts, which they most definitely have, to encourage and steer into a productive direction. Just because they have a label, doesn't mean they can't have a productive, enjoyable life, but they must learn skills, esp. social. This is a good place to start to see the potential of many ppl. Personally, i wish they would stop calling ppl that are different, disabled....it tends to promote victimhood, instead of resourcefulness and victory...
LENEXA, Kansas
June 01 2016
Customer Review: Shelly Feller - Great information. A terrific tool for everyone.
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