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Debut of Diversity
The Emerging Conversation about Autism and Higher Education

Know what to expect in college! The transition from high school to college can be challenging, especially for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Debut of Diversity: The Emerging Conversation about Autism and Higher Education seeks to ease this transition from both sides, the student and the institution, in order to ensure success. The author looks beyond plain statistics and traditional approaches to personalize the experience for each student, and also provides helpful information that can be used for all young adults starting college for the first time, on such topics as how to talk to your professor, set up appointments with administration, and manage your time efficiently. "Having successfully navigated college myself, it is clear that Wilson offers a very detailed and comprehensive summary of what to expect in a college experience for those with autism! This is a 'must-read' for parents, teachers, roommates, faculty, or other individuals who are allies of college students on the spectrum!" —Thomas Iland, B.S., CPA., self-advocate, motivational speaker and co-author of Come to Life


Matthew A. Wilson, M.Div., M. Ed., has worked with people on the autism spectrum since 1985 in community, educational and therapeutic settings. His passion is to empower young people with autism to find their place in the world as they make the transition to adulthood. He believes that the people he works with will transform higher education and the society at large. Mr. Wilson is a licensed intervention specialist, a college professor, a trained theologian, and a grandfather, father and mentor. He lives with his wife and their two beloved dogs in central Ohio.  

ISBN: 9781942197201

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LENEXA, Kansas
October 05 2016
Matthew Wilson's Debut of Diversity exemplifies and makes use of his varied experiences in working with students on the autism spectrum, particularly those at the postsecondary level. It enriches us in the diversity of those on the spectrum, provides examples of issues experienced by students as well as providing detailed tasks that can be used in the support, education and empowerment of students. As more students on the spectrum enter college, Debut of Diversity's content provides information beneficial to students studying to teach or work with ASD students as well as parents, teachers and postsecondary staff providing support services. - Wayne Cocchi, MA Retired Director, Disability Services; Columbus State Community College
LENEXA, Kansas
October 05 2016
Debut of Diversity is a must read for parents helping their child with autism prepare for life in higher education. Matthew Wilson knows this territory well. His insights, wit, and passion make the journey through these pages a delightful (and helpful!) trek for the reader. Kudos to Mr. Wilson for presenting us with this impactful volume. - Jon Peterson B.A., M.P.A., J.D., M.Div.
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