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Dear Diana... Diana’s Guide to Independent Living

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Dear Diana ... Diana’s Guide to Independent Living
For Adolescents and Young Adults With Different Learning Styles and Special Needs

After graduating from high school, the author, Diana Bilezikian, attended Chapel Haven, a program for young adults with special needs and learning differences. This practical resource is an outgrowth of a series of emails she sent to relatives and friends about her life and the skills she was learning. Backed by the president of Chapel Haven, Diana's original ideas about autism have been expanded into a helpful collection of advice and support for how to live an independent and meaningful life, ultimately raising awareness about this otherwise misunderstood disorder. Hints and suggestions are grouped under the major headings of Life, Consumer, and Financial Skills; Communication and Interpersonal Skills; Self-care and Domestic Living; Getting Around; Stress Management; Taking Charge, Managing Priorities, and Solving Problems; and Safety and Emergencies. Illustrated by Ian Sullivan; foreword by Michael Storz. 


Diana Bilezikian is a graduate of Scarsdale High School and Chapel Haven, a program for independent living based in New Haven, Connecticut. She lives and works in New Haven. 

ISBN: 9781937473921

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