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A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend

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A is for Autism, F is for Friend
A Kid’s Book for Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism

Does your child understand that children with classic autism are just children who want friends? A is for Autism, F is for Friend: A Kid’s Book for Making Friends with a Child Who Has Autism provides an inside look at the life of Chelsea, a young girl who has classic autism. In this book, Chelsea walks us through her day, including trips to the playground and park, and explains that although she sees other kids playing and wants to join them, social interaction can be tricky for her. In sharing some of her strengths and challenges, Chelsea compares them with issues that all kids face, highlighting the many things she and her schoolmates have in common. One of the goals of this book to is help typical children understand that, "Hey, I experience that, too!" A is for Autism, F is for Friend provides an enjoyable, discussion-oriented format for teaching youth about autism.


Joanna Keating-Velasco lives in Placentia in Orange County, California. She is married and has one daughter. Joanna has a degree in business administration. She enjoys trying to understand the unique qualities of children with autism spectrum disorder and has worked as an instructional aide (independence facilitator) for seven years in programs for children, teens and adults with autism.

ISBN: 9781931282437

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LENEXA, Kansas
May 23 2016
Customer Review: Pat - This book provides a wonderful introduction to autism for children and adolescents. The main character, eleven year old Chelsea, takes us inside her world of autism. She guides readers through the challenges she faces each day and facets that are both usual and special about her life, allowing us to better understand this mysterious disorder from her point of view. She helps kids to see that each child with autism has different talents and abilities, just as we all have different talents and abilities. We may be different but we are also very much the same. Friendships can begin and grow when we try to better understand those things that make us different. While this book was written with kids in mind, it held my interest and I definitely learned a lot more about the disorder than I knew before. I would suggest this book for anyone who is interested in finding out more about autism or reaching out to someone who happens to be autistic. I definitely recommend this book for children and youth as well as classroom discussion.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 23 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - Excellent for middle grade students to help them understand their autistic classmates. Described by a young autistic girl.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 23 2016
Customer Review: Danial - This book is a perfect example of keeping it simple and keeping it understandable. The author did a creative job with her writing style. Highly recommend to ANYONE who wants a fundamental understanding of autism.
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