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Reviews (5): The Incredible 5-Point Scale

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 07 2016
Customer Review: Amazon Customer - This book is helpful and informative for parents trying to help children to understand their own state of mind. My son is using a 5-Point Scale at school. While it is not a magic bullet, it is helpful.
LENEXA, Kansas
June 07 2016
Customer Review: Richard Culbertson - This is a thoughtful update of a classic. If you are looking for ways to help autistic students to understand feelings and to implement strategies to change behavior, I would recommend this as a fundamental part of your library. Please note that this is not a classroom management tool to rate behavior. It is a way to help students manage their own lives.
LENEXA, Kansas
August 12 2015
The 2nd edition of The Incredible 5-Point Scale is a unique teaching resource for both professionals and families with individuals of all ages and abilities on the autism spectrum. The revised and expanded 2nd edition continues the teaching approach from the first book, adding new ideas for teaching and reinforcing social and behavior management skills across an expanded range of ages and abilities. In addition to offering helpful insights for teaching young children, the book shows how scales can be used to teach nonverbal children or children with more classic forms of autism. Also – a huge plus – the book gives examples of how the scale can be written into an IEP.
LENEXA, Kansas
May 21 2015
If you want to teach a child social and interpersonal abilities and emotional self-control, this book will become your primary resource in the classroom and at home. The strategies are simple, clear, flexible, and fun, and are based on the authors’ increasing practical experience. I particularly appreciated how the activities can be personalized, include graphics and humor, and combine social and emotional themes. The scale is genuinely incredible.
LENEXA, Kansas
April 29 2015
I’m a long time fan of the 5-Point Scale. In five words, it’s respectful, thoughtful, flexible, versatile, and practical. In a few words, it’s a classic instructional tool. This second edition is as beautifully organized as the first; easy to read and packed with new insights and ideas. It’s proof that even a classic, like the original Incredible 5-Point Scale, can be both timeless and timely! A great resource just got better.


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