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Reviews (1): Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions

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LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions is an excellent tool to teach children and adolescents how to understand their positive and negative emotions. The book begins with an easy-to-use assessment that helps the learner and adult coach understand the learner’s knowledge of emotions, emotional regulation, and strategies. The answers to the assessment questions point to where to start in the curriculum. As a result, there is no need for learners to relearn what they know. Similarly, the assessment ensures that learners don’t bypass important knowledge. The book’s greatest asset, however, is the CHARGE tool belt, which helps learners identify and select strategies that match their emotional needs. The strategies are lifelong – they can be used by children and adults alike. This book can be used by professionals in a classroom setting, a social skills group, or one-on-one. And it is equally applicable to home and school!


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