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Reviews (4): Push to Open

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LENEXA, Kansas
June 03 2016
Customer Review: Julia - A key insight of "Push to Open"--that all students can benefit from design and instruction choices inspired by the needs of students on the autism spectrum--will help parents and schools work cooperatively and effectively to focus on helping all children reach their potential. Ms. Combs meticulously supports her suggestions with the latest research on issues like learning and sensory differences, but without the dull, pedantic writing style that can make it hard to slog through many education texts. Instead, Combs's writing is clear, lively, and packed with memorable and extremely well chosen anecdotes that illustrate the concepts she is explaining. This is great information engagingly presented by someone who is obviously a gifted and compassionate natural teacher. Even the lay person with little experience with or understanding of autism will be fascinated by "Push to Open," but parents and teachers will find it a gold mine of clear, practical information.
LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
Push to Open ... is an engaging book that demystifies the concept of universal design for learning through case studies, personal stories, and resources that can be used in the classroom immediately. The author has a way of deciphering current research trends and applying both professional and personal experiences to provide solutions to the common challenges of teaching all students with a multitude of learning needs and abilities. The PTO QuickTip sheets and PTO planning forms are hands-on resources that are sure to help any educator remove barriers not just for students with ASD but for all students. This book is a ‘must-have’ for every educator!
LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
With the growing number of students with ASD in the classroom, general education teachers, intervention specialists, and paraprofessionals will all benefit from the practical wisdom of Push to Open – A Teacher’s QuickGuide to Universal Design for Teaching Students on the Autism Spectrum in the General Education Classroom. Whether you are a new teacher looking for answers or an experienced teacher looking to reflect on your current classroom, Push to Open provides a framework for implementing best practices for students with ASD.
LENEXA, Kansas
April 10 2015
This book is going to be popular with classroom teachers who are increasingly serving students with ASD. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the book is that it demonstrates how helping such students will help all students, the idea embodied in the concept of universal design for learning that has gained prominence in recent years. Push to Open … is easy to read with clearly presented practical information that many teachers will find very useful.


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